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Get professional video Ads in minutes. Enter your product URL, make optional customizations & receive an influencer-like Video Ad.

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MagicAds.ai - Create video ads from URLs: Web, App store, Playstore | Product Hunt
  • Only enter a URL (website or app)
  • Modify script, add backgrounds
  • Far cheaper, much faster than humans
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Use Cases
  • Quick, Cheap, Engaging Ad Creation
  • Experimental Ad Testing (fast)
  • Precise Customer Segment Ads

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AI-Powered Ads
for Peak Engagement

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Create Ads for landing pages, IOS and Android apps.

Accelerating your Ad campaigns

MagicAds simplifies the creation of user generated content ads by offering a one-click solution. Generate high-performing ads for websites, IOS apps and Android apps.

Magic in action

Spotify • Music Streaming Service

Spotify offers a vast library of music, podcasts, and curated playlists. Users can discover, share tunes, and enjoy algorithmic recommendations.

LinkedIn • Networking Platform

LinkedIn enables networking, career development, and industry discussions. It features job postings, company profiles, and professional insights sharing.

Stripe • Payment Processing Platform

Stripe facilitates online payments for businesses, enabling seamless transactions. It's known for its developer-friendly tools and robust security features.

(Multiple) AI-Powered Avatars
AI-Powered Avatars

Choose amongst our AI avatar library

SaaS Webflow Template - Chicago - designed by Wedoflow.com and Azwedo.com
SaaS Webflow Template - Chicago - designed by Wedoflow.com and Azwedo.com
AI-Powered Avatars

Our curated selection features a diverse array of AI-generated avatars, each ready to enhance and personalize your video content

SaaS Webflow Template - Chicago - designed by Wedoflow.com and Azwedo.com
One-Click Generation

Step 1. Give us your App Store Link
Step 2. Enjoy your UGC testimonials

SaaS Webflow Template - Chicago - designed by Wedoflow.com and Azwedo.com
Cost-Effective Solution

Remove talents and agencies from your UGC campaign strategy. Save time and money.

Simple, like magic.

Our trusted users can testify

MagicAds has transformed our ad creation process.
It's fast, efficient, and incredibly cost-effective!

Mathis Büchi,
Founder Taxfix, SmallPDF

I never thought ad creation could be this easy and affordable. With MagicAds, I've been able to launch successful campaigns without any hassle.

Linda Dao,
Co-Founder of PictureMe

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No hidden fees: buy credits, spend credits.
You can choose your level of controls for each video.

1 credit = $1

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Quick and easy, and fully AI powered - generate your ad in minutes.

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Pro Controls

Ideal for everyone who wants more control over their videos.

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  • Choose Avatar
  • Choose Voice
  • Choose Language
  • No watermark
  • Unlimited support
  • Optional: Enter Objective of the Ad & Target Audience
Extra Options

Add one or more option to you creation process. Compatible with Pro Controls.

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  • Edit Script (only 30 credits - $30 )
  • Upload Ad background (only 30 credits - $30)

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